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Hello everyone! My name is Anastasia. At the age of 9 I took knitting needles in my hands for the first time. My mom knitted shawls, scarves, mittens and socks from goat wool of incredible beauty, so I wanted to learn this art. My first works were dolls and their clothes. Now I am 30 and knitting became more than just a hobby after these years. All women in our family are skilled artisans: the craft of knitting transferred from my grandmother to my mother, and from her to me, too. And having such family tradition is so cool! A handiwork has special vibes, this is true. We create unique things and through this we make this world a bit kinder and happier. Welcome to my shop!

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There are a lot of sweaters and hats in stock! All things are soft, high-quality and beautiful.))) I had a store on Etsy and all the customers were happy with their purchases!

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