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Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 03.jpg
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Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 05.jpg
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Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 04.jpg
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Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 01.jpg
Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 03.jpg
Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 05.jpg
Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 04.jpg
Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 02.jpg
Shinx Pokemon kigurumi adult onesie pajama 01.jpg

Custom Shinx Pokemon inspired kigurumi (adult onesie, pajama)

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This item is made to order. Please allow 40 - 42 days for processing.
About this item
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  • We will need at least 5-7 weeks to make this kigurumi for you
  • The package will be shipped from Russia. International shipping is 35-45 USD, it is included in the total price
  • Handmade using high quality fleece according to your height
  • Some details (such as faces on hoods) are made using machine embroidery
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Item description from the seller
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Hi! We're pleased to introduce one of our kigurumis! :3 All of them are handcrafted and photographed by us, so you’ll get a kigurumi that precisely matches our pictures. We use high-quality fleece for the base and incorporate embroidery and faux fur for decorations.

All our products are made-to-order, however, there are occasional listings for kigurumis in stock, as indicated in the title.

IMPORTANT: Before placing an order, please read this description thoroughly, especially the part about making and shipping time. If you're okay with the details, feel free to place the order, and we'll gladly make it for you! :3 Select your height range, choose between buttons or a zipper, and specify if you wear plus-size clothing.

SIZING: Our kigurumis are nearly identical in size, varying only in height. In most cases, providing your height range from the top of the head to the floor is sufficient for customization. In girth our kigurumis are ~52-53 inches (~135 cm). For plus-size (if your chest, waist, or hip is closer to or bigger than 46-47 inches), contact us before ordering. We CAN make plus-size kigurumis, but we need to know your measurements!

MAKING AND SHIPPING TIME: Thanks to your support, we always have quite a few open orders and because of that estimated making time is currently around 5-7 weeks. We understand the wait can be lengthy >_< Contact us in advance if you have any deadlines! Since we are from Russia, shipping will take ~3-5 weeks. A tracking number will be provided upon shipment.

WASHING AND CLEANING: Fleece is pretty easy to wash. Use a delicate washing program with low water temperature (20-30 degrees Celsius) and low RPM for drying. Hand washing is recommended. Don't dry it by hanging – lay it on a flat surface and let it dry. For single stains, use special anti-stain soap. Also, black fleece likes to molt, so don't wash it with other clothes, and don’t wear white or bright clothes underneath black kigurumis. If there is a lot of dust and hair on the kigurumi - just use a lint roller. Dry cleaning is recommended for best results. If your kigurumi has fur details – brush it with the usual hair brush from time to time. If it looks especially bad – don’t worry, you can restore it completely! Just wet it with usual water, take a hair brush and hair dryer. With hot air start to dry wet fur while brushing it with a brush. At first, brush it against hair growth, then to another side, while still blowing on it with hot air. It should become even better than new!

CUSTOM ORDERS AND COMMISSIONS: For the past six years (while working on Etsy, not here), we rarely accepted custom orders due to a high volume of usual orders. With fewer open orders now, we accept custom orders a lot more often, so don’t hesitate to ask :3

If you have any questions, feel free to message us. Though, we may respond slowly at times due to our workload >_<

Happy shopping! We strive to bring you amazing products!

This is a fan-made item. We are not affiliated with any company.

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Listed on 29 June, 2022