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Front closure bralette pattern, Custom bra pattern, Veronica, Wireless bra pattern, Lounge bra pattern, Sexy bra pattern

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Veronica is a sexy bra tied at the front with a bow. This is a comfortable, wireless bra sewn of non-stretch cotton fabric. If you want to sew a bra from an elastic fabric, please let me know. This will require additional measurements.

Plastic bones are inserted along the side seams for better support.

I will make a pattern of any size according to your measurements.

All my bras sewn on conventional sewing machine with the function of a zig-zag.

Please note: this is not ready-made pattern. This listing is for personalized bra pattern according to your individual measurements. This means that your custom sewing pattern is only ready after I receive your custom measurements. You will get a pattern exactly your size.

After completing the purchase, you can download the files: sewing instructions, instructions on how to take measurements, instructions on how to calculate stretch recovery coefficient for elastic fabric. These measurements are different from the usual ones. For universal patterns, 2 measurements are taken – bust and under bust. Since I am making a personalized tailor made pattern, I need more measurements and they may not be familiar to you. Most likely, you have never taken such measurements. This is the difference in the design methodology.

Some measurements may be new and unfamiliar to you. But they are necessary to draw an exact individual pattern. Remember that the success of our venture depends entirely on accurate measurements.

Also, measurement notation is not familiar to you. I named them as they are entered in my program. Please pay attention!

You need to take the necessary measurements as indicated. Write down this information in the same form (number, measurement designation) and send it to me by e-mail. Processing of your order will begin only after I receive your letter. I will send you a pattern in PDF format within 2 working days from the date of receipt of your letter.

I do not use a conventional measurement system. The main measure that I use is the horizontal arc (HD), in centimeters (see the picture). Simply put, you need to take this measurement between the ends of the underwire through the protruding point of the chest, horizontally. The dimensions of my sewing patterns are according to this measurement (if your measurement of HD is 23 cm, then you need size 23).

There are ready-made patterns for this bra in my shop.

Materials and supplies:

*Paper pattern;

*Sewing machine;


 *Sewing thread;

*Natural fabric (linen, cotton ̶ about 0.5 m);

*Satin ribbon 0.8 m/36 inches (cut in half);

*Elastic for the band (according to your girth under the bust);

*Strap elastic about 1 m / 40 inches inches (the strap width should match the size of your rings and sliders for secure straps that stay in place);

*Elastic to make the cup trim (about 2.5 m);

*Rings and sliders;

*Underwire channeling (about 0.5 m / 20 inches);

*Hook and eye closure;

*2 plastic/metal bones. It is best to use special plastic corset bones.

It is very convenient to use a tailor’s ham . This round tailor’s ham is an indispensable item when sewing a bra. It makes it possible to give the correct shape to round seams when ironing.


This pattern is at an easy/intermediate level. Previous sewing experience is recommended. You need to know how to sew underwire channeling and elastic, etc.

This pattern is a work of authorship. Designed exclusively for your personal use. It is forbidden to transmit, forward to other people, publish, any other distribution. Please don’t sell or redistribute ANY copies of this pattern VIA EMAIL OR PRINTED or in any other form.

Feel free to message me with any questions! Let me know if something is not clear to you, I will try to help you. Please contact me if you have any problems with your order.