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Lace-up bra pattern, Drawstring bra pattern, Gabrielle, Sizes 29-33, Linen bra pattern, Wireless bra pattern plus size

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Gabrielle is a wireless front tie bra made from stable fabric (linen, cotton).

The cups have casings into which narrow fabric ties are inserted. There is a hook and eye closure on the back.

All my bras sewn on conventional sewing machine with the function of a zig-zag.

Please read carefully before purchasing to determine the size of the sewing pattern correctly.

I do not use a conventional measurement system. The main measure that I use is the horizontal arc (HD), in centimeters (see the picture). Simply put, you need to take this measurement between the ends of the underwire through the protruding point of the chest, horizontally. The dimensions of my sewing patterns are according to this measurement (if your measurement of HD is 23 cm, then you need size 23). This enables an individual approach to the creation of patterns. In the usual way, the pattern is created according to the difference between two dimensions (bust and under bust girth), but within this framework a wide variety of shapes and sizes is possible.

Another important measure is the girth under the bust. This measurement is indicated in the pattern name. There is a file on how to adjust the pattern in accordance with your girth under the bust.

I use a system of individual measurements to create a personalized pattern because each person’s figure is unique.

You can buy ready-made patterns according to the size described above (please note that measurements are in centimeters).

If you have not found the right size or you have some body features that require an individual approach, I can make personal patterns for you according to individual measurements. There is a special listing for this.

Materials and supplies:

*Paper pattern;

*Sewing machine;

     *Sewing thread;

*Dense, stable fabric (linen, cotton; 0.5-1 m);

*Hook and eye closure;

*Bias tape.

It is very convenient to use a special tailor’s ham This round tailor’s ham is an indispensable item when sewing a bra. It makes it possible to give the correct shape to round seams when ironing.

This pattern is at an easy/intermediate level. Previous sewing experience is recommended. You need to know how to sew underwire channeling and elastic, etc

This pattern is a work of authorship. Designed exclusively for your personal use. It is forbidden to transmit, forward to other people, publish, any other distribution. 

Please do not sell or redistribute ANY copies of this pattern VIA EMAIL OR PRINTED or in any other form.

Feel free to message me with any questions! Let me know if something is not clear to you, I will try to help you. Please contact me if you have any problems with your order.