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Gray hamster dwarf eats a corn seed It is tiny realistic figurine and It is cute memorial gift for owner who lost a pet

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  • a Memorial hamster necklace
  • Only careful using
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Item description from the seller
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a cute Gray dwarf hamster necklace made of polymer clay.
The Little hamster eats a corn seed. This is great food for hamsters. The hamster and corn look very realistic, as if a tiny hamster has actually stopped on your chest.
Made of safe certified baked polymer clay. Hand painted with acrylic paints and covered with acrylic top coating.
Hamster length without corn is 3 cm ( than 1 1/3 inch)
Chain length 40 cm
A wonderful thing to remember your beloved pet, especially when he is not and on hand you miss him.
The figurine is very cute and evokes warm emotions in the owner of the hamster.

Here is a link to my section Hamsters, where you can find hamsters of different shapes and colors


All taxes and fees assigned by your country you pay yourself, this is not included in the price of the goods
Delivery time from 3 to 7 weeks, depends on luck. I use regular Russian mail. If you want to use express mail, then it is for an additional fee of $50 or more, depending on weight and volume.


The figurine is an expensive collectible item, it is not a toy for children, it must be handled with care.
The figurine must not be washed, it must not be wetted, it must not be placed on the windowsill and the sun's rays, otherwise it can be damaged.

To care for the figurine, I recommend simply brushing off the dust with a clean, soft cloth.
Please feel free to ask me questions in any language, Google Translate will always help me.

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