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Sponge Holder

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A sticky and soapy sink is an eyesore. It makes you agitated and angry. Our range of kitchen sponge holders is the solution. Place your dripping sponges in them and minimize the mess around your kitchen sink. Live a life of convenience.


Some are metallic in nature (stainless steel and alloy) while other manufacturing materials include ceramic, plastic and silicone. You can either attach them to your sinks via suction cups, tightening fasteners or adhesive backs. Some of the sink sponge holders will be attached magnetically to the interior of the sink, some will be installed on the faucet while others on the border of the sink or the walls. With their draining holes, the chances of developing mold are minimal.


This category of sponge holders includes options for both the kitchen and bathroom. Choose from cute animal-shaped ones, magnetic steel ones, ones that have towel holders with them, ones with a discpensing option or ones with a caddy for holding soaps and other utensils.


No need to scour the kitchen space for your sponges, washing cloths and dishwashing liquids when you have these sink sponge holders with you. You can also install them in your bathrooms and store your toiletries in them. We have different designs for your interest - flower designs, animal designs, simple linear designs, container designs, etc. Choose the one which is most suitable for you. View more of our kitchen organizers here.