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Round wooden handle d120mm with rib, Half Moon cabinet knobs

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About this item
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  • For this price you get two handles that you can use on two doors
  • Dimensions: D120mm 
  • Horizontally positioned grain of wood
  • Wood species: Ash, Beech, Elm,  American Oak (red), European Oak (light), Maple, Walnut
  • Fasteners are not included
  • Ready to ship  5 business days
  • Delivery time 2 - 8 weeks
  • Made in Russia
Item description from the seller
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Round minimalistic wooden handle from designer Gali Zorina. The handle is made of extra thick solid wood and has no connecting seams. The carefully polished silky surface makes the handle extremely pleasant for your fingers. The natural pattern of grains, knots and cracks gives the product a special beauty and uniqueness. Note that the grain pattern moves from one half to the other. This makes the handles exclusive and unlike others.


  • Only we have handles with horizontal placement of the tree pattern and the transition of the pattern from one half of the handle to the other.
  • By placing the wood fiber vertically, we can create handles of very large sizes. The size of our handles reaches 450 mm in diameter
  • We use the widest range of wood

Wood species

  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Red American Oak
  • Ilm
  • In addition, we can find other exotic breeds for you on special request.


How to place. Type and combinations.

The handle consists of two halves. If you place the handles on the adjacent doors, you will get a visually completed circle. See how else you can place our handles. We made this drawing for you. Using our handles, you can make even a simple wardrobe spectacular and modern.


Hande Mounting Scheme |one-way mounting|

The installation method is selected individually and depends on the thickness of the door. If possible, invite a specialist who will select fasteners. Or use our recommendation.

Please note: The handles are supplied without fasteners. We do not make holes for fasteners so that you can freely choose fasteners depending on the installation location. 



Over time, the handle should be additionally coated with oil or varnish


Standard sizes of our handles (diameter of a full circle or a circle of two halves)

ø120 mm (horizontal and vertical pattern)

ø200 mm (horizontal and vertical pattern)

Ø250 mm (vertical pattern only)

Ø300 mm (vertical pattern only)

Ø450 mm (vertical pattern only)

We can discuss any sizes with you and, if the material is available, we will make the right size for you. To order, write to us.


Each solid wood product is unique due to its natural grain, knots and color transitions. This gives a special charm and naturalness, but it is impossible to repeat it. Each type of tree has its own characteristics and variations. There may be a difference between the photos and the actual colors of the product. If you ordered a pair of handles, we will try to make them from one piece. But if you want to order another one, the color may not match the previous ones.
A more detailed discussion before buying will help eliminate misunderstandings. If you have any questions, please ask them before making a purchase.