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Karelian rose clay deep cleansing

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  • Weight, kg 0,96
    Volume, ml 75
    Shelf life / use period
    Indicated on the package
    Consistency with the picture
    The manufacturer reserves the right to change the packaging from batch to batch. We endeavor to update all changes in good time.
    Active ingredients
    Kaolin, cocoa butter, lactic acid, hydrovanse complex, elphamoist complex, collagen, elastin, aloe, horse chestnut, green tea, rosehip
    Additional Features
    Free of dyes, hormones, sodium, parabens, and colorants
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Pink clay is a complex remedy for effective cleansing, nourishing and toning. 

Karelian rose clay is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and allergic skin. It does not dry the skin but gives a powerful charge of hydration, vitality and well-being. Instantly the face looks radiant and tightens the skin making it incredibly smooth. 

The mask deeply moisturizes, nourishes, tones, eliminates peeling, firms, strengthens capillaries, soothes, regulates sebum production, cleanses pores, polishes skin surface, soothes, prevents premature skin aging.

Kaolin - cleanses, whitens, removes inflammation.

Bentonite - the clay from the volcanic ashes removes toxins, saturates the skin with minerals.

Coconut, cocoa and sweet almond oils - nourish, moisturize, increase circulation.

Lactic acid - evens out skin tone and texture, cleanses pores and makes the skin smooth. 

Niacinamide - protects, soothes, enhances oxygen exchange. 

Aloe gel - moisturizes deeply, stimulates cell regeneration, reduces inflammation. 

Rosehip extract - a strong antioxidant, excellent moisturizer, evens skin texture and color.
Introduce rose clay into your care and you will notice from the first use how pores shrink, inflammation disappears, there is a general tone and radiance of the skin. 

Buy natural Karelian rose clay in our online store with worldwide delivery. 

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Listed on 9 November, 2022