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Leather Phone Case Shoulder Holster Bag Leather Harness / Waxed & Leather Straps

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Please include your height and t-shirt size, so that we can make changes to the straps and adjust the length more precisely for you
About this item
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  • Material: natural leather
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for many phones
Item description from the seller
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This holster bag is made of high-quality natural leather, the seams are performed with a strong lasting thread. The two symmetrical holster pockets are designed specially for the smartphone. All-leather straps can be easily adjusted in length, providing freedom and not hindering movements, whereas a thin wallet will hold your plastic cards, banknotes and business cards.

Please include your height and t-shirt size in the order note, so that we can make changes to the straps and adjust the length more precisely for you.


• All-leather shoulder straps can be easily adjusted in length, pockets can be fixed horizontally or vertically, as you prefer.

• The holster pockets are symmetrical, you can choose which side is more convenient to carry a phone or wallet.

• The pocket flap is securely fixed with a magnetic snap.

• The wallet has two sections for cards and a multi-purpose section where you can place banknotes or business cards.

Waxed Edition is presented in leather with waxy coating, available in several colors and sizes, matching many smartphones. The kit includes two symmetrical pockets, a wallet and shoulder straps.


- MINI size Small -
measurements: 2.8 × 5.6 × 0.4 in / 72 × 142 × 10 mm (width × height × thickness)
fit: iPhone mini / SE / 8 / 7 or 6, Galaxy A3, Xperia Z, Honor 6 and others.

- PRO size Medium - 
measurements: 3.0 × 5.9 × 0.4 in / 76 × 150 × 10 mm (width × height × thickness)
fit: iPhone Pro / 14 / Xs, Galaxy S23 or S10e, Xperia XZ, Pixel 5, and others.

- ULTRA size Large -
measurements: 3.2 × 6.6 × 0.5 in / 82 × 169 × 12 mm (width × height × thickness)
fit: iPhone Pro Max or Plus, Galaxy Note or Ultra, Galaxy S+, Pixel XL and other phones with some case.

- XXLarge size -
measurements: 3.5 × 7.0 × 0.7 in / 88 × 177 × 18 mm (width × height × thickness)
fit: Mate 20X, Mi Max 3, Asus ROG Phone 5 and phones with massive case.

When choosing a size, check the dimensions of your smartphone with these proportions (you can find out the dimensions of the smartphone on the manufacturer's website). Also consider the size of the phone’s case, if it is used. All dimensions are worked out with a margin for a supposed case, but if the case is very massive, then it may be better to choose a larger holster.

On the holster size also depends the size of the wallet. The banknotes are stored folded. Not any banknote can fit into a wallet, because the sizes of banknotes vary in different countries. If you are hesitating while choosing the holster size - just contact us and we will help you!


This full grain leather is made from applying special waxes to surface of the leather. The effect here is that when rubbed the color will change and does not immediately reverse giving it an antique look. With time of using this leather will be darker.

Each leather is unique. Small dots and wrinkles are a natural condition. The tone of color may be lightly different from the images here.

Available in different colors, visit our store