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Pomeranian mittens for women and kids. Pet memorial gift.

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This item is made to order. Please allow 40 - 42 days for processing.
About this item
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  • All my animal miniatures are made of natural wool in needle felting technique or in new combined technique - sewing from faux fur and needle felting.
  • My creative works are in single copies, exclusive handmade artistic creations, made from natural and environmentally friendly materials.
  • In purchasing something from my shop you are purchasing an item that has been handmade by me, and has taken many happy hours to create. My items are truly made with love and care. I hope they will be loved and enjoyed for years to come.
  • Custom orders are welcome. Just use the -Ask a question - button to clarify the production time and other details of the order. Please send me a photo of your pet before buying. My email -- viktoriya.fomina89gmail.comI always try to respond quickly to your messages, but be aware of the time difference.
Item description from the seller
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If you love your pet very much and you would love to have him always with you, I can make you a one of a kind mittens with him, to cheer you up every time you look at it.
This is a pet portrait, made entirely out of fake fur and sheep wool.
It could be a one of a kind gift for every pet owner, for a birthday, anniversary, or any other happy event from his life.
Made to order. Please note that this sale is made to order. If you want similar animal mittens, please buy them now and I will make one for you.
100% repeat is not possible. Each mittens is unique because it is handmade.
If you would love a custom pet portrait mittens just for you or your dear ones, here is what you need to know:

> The size of the mittens in the photo fits the average female handle.  Usually for children over 8-10 years old they order adult mittens, as in my photographs.
To choose the size and color of mittens for kids under 8, send me a message please. 

>The composition of the yarn mittens:
-natural wool 80%
-acryl 20%

To start the process, please help me with the following:
1. Purchase this listing.
2. Please send me some clear pictures with your pet from the front, right and left side, that show very clear his fur color (preferable photos made in natural light). My email -->
[email protected]
3. What are his name and breed? (is optional)
4. Use the -Ask a question - button to clarify the production time and other details of the order.
> Here is what happens AFTER YOU PLACE THE ORDER:

1. I will send you a couple of pictures before finishing the portrait, to confirm that the details are as you expected.
2. After receiving your feedback I will finish it and confirm the shipping by sending you the tracking number.
3. Your confirmation of receiving the item and your feedback would really make me happy.

There is a waiting list for custom orders, please, contact me for more information. Processing time can take 1 month.

The delivery process is out of control, and I am not responsible for the delivery time and possible delays.
During hot holiday seasons, delays are possible for uncontrollable reasons. Delivery time depends on postal services and customs of the host countries and usually takes about 2-13 weeks. To control the delivery process, you will receive a tracking number.

If you need an item for a special occasion, before making a purchase, please send me a message requesting an estimation of processing time, in order to establish if it could get to you in time.

Before washing mittens, you need to tear pets from them at the seam. After the mittens have dried, you can sew the pets back.

Looking for a special gift for someone special? Please visit my shop for more gift ideas.

If you have any kind of questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! ^_^


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