Shaman Fox Headdress Faux Fur Realistic Mask Adult

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This mask is completely handmade, made with attention to details:
- Different colors of artificial fur were used, and it was also painted from an airbrush for greater realism;
- Eyes - glass, hand-painted with acrylic paints, black suede was used for the eyelids;
- Polymer clay was used for the nose, covered with a glossy varnish on top;
- The mask has a mustache and vibrissae!;
- The fur of the mask is absolutely hypoallergenic and trimmed by hand;
- The base of the mask is very light and flexible, but it keeps its shape. Literally - you can even sit on it, after which it will return to its original appearance;
- The size of the mask is adjustable with an elastic elastic band at the back;
- This mask is comfortable, thanks to the soft fleece lining;
- You can see in the mask when it is put on your face! The mesh base for the eyes allows this.

The mask cannot be washed, only dry cleaning!

Each mask is exclusive and unique, it is impossible to repeat it exactly. It is possible to make individual orders in other colors and styles! If you have any questions or need additional pictures please feel free to send me a message 🐾

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