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Souvenir. Amber wood. A small tree. The sunstone. The sacred tree. Custom Made.

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About this item
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  • An amber tree is a wonderful interior decoration and a talisman that attracts strong positive energy, good luck, prosperity and well-being both to the home and to the office.
  • An amber tree in an onyx vase, a small tree. A 5-inch tall tree with a vase.
    You can wipe the leaves and vase with a dry or damp cloth from time to time.
    Do not use brushes and washcloths, they can spoil the product.
    Under direct sunlight, the stone has the property of changing color. 
    After transportation, the amber leaves can be straightened, giving the crown any shape.
Item description from the seller
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Decorative amber wood is a beautiful original decoration for the interior, especially appreciated by those who are fond of the eastern philosophy of Feng Shui.
Amber trees can be of a wide variety of shapes and types — from small decorative souvenirs woven from wire to massive three-dimensional trees created from natural branches and cuts. Also, the appearance of the leaves also differs: the crown can be assembled from small pieces of amber of different colors, fixed on wire twigs, but there may be more complex designs in which each leaf is a real work of mosaic art, assembled from dozens of small glossy amber stones. Thanks to such a variety of shapes and sizes, anyone can choose an amber money tree that satisfies his taste and needs — from a small elegant tree that can be installed on his office desk to a large spectacular tree that will decorate any interior. Most trees somehow have a wire crown, so it is very easy and convenient to modify it — to make it more voluminous and "fluffy", or bend it in a certain direction. 
All feng shui experts are unanimous in the opinion that despite the existence of certain criteria for various talismans, the material from which this or that element is made, first of all, should please the owner and be close to him in spirit. Therefore, amber as a material for creating a money tree meets many requirements at once — it is beautiful, warm, has the property of clearing space from negative energy, besides, according to Eastern teachings, amber activates and generates positive Yang energy, for which it was very valued in China in ancient times.