Become pregnant. Easy and happy pregnancy - Arabic Talisman Taweez Amulet

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  • This Talisman will be made and consecrated individually for each customer, so it has the following useful properties:

    1. It will eliminate obstacles to pregnancy, especially if, with all possible positive indicators, pregnancy does not occur.
    2. Support and protect your health before (and during) pregnancy, protecting you from magical attacks (evil eye, damage to the mother by curse), energy and physical exhaustion and vampirism, even from close relatives, people at work or just on the street.
    3. The Talisman will protect the newborn, protecting the child until the age of sustainable energy, which is especially important in our time.

  • This Talisman is a fully handmade work of art.
  • Used materials: natural saffron, saffron ink, golden ink, golden color, special parchment, incense oils (rose, musk, saffron and more)
  • 21 x 30 cm (8.3 x 11.8 in.) inside special frame with glass included to your order + special linen bag and box! + 2 x 2 cm complementary metal pendant talisman.
  • I will need to know your Name, date and place of birth for the planetary-astrological calculation of an individual Talisman. Please specify when ordering.