24K Gold: Get respect, success, power and influence - Arabic Islamic Talisman Amulet Taweez

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  • The owner of this Talisman will always be in Strength and Influence, which is especially useful for practicing Magic of any direction. In the spiritual plane, the owner of this talisman will shine for people, entities and spirits.
  • Others will bow before the owner of this Talisman, they will always be attentive to his word, his opinion will always be higher than someone else's, he will be respected everywhere and by everyone.
  • Gold is a symbol of power, wealth, success in all endeavors, and using this luxurious material in the Artifact of the Arab school of magical practices, where beauty, craftsmanship and quality of materials are the main conditions for work, the Talisman further develops and intensifies its effects.
  • This Talisman is a fully handmade work of art.
  • Used materials: natural saffron, saffron ink, golden ink, golden color, special parchment, incense oils (rose, musk, saffron and more)
  • 21 x 30 cm (8.3 x 11.8 in.) inside special frame with glass included to your order + special linen bag and box!
  • I will need to know your Name, date and place of birth for the planetary-astrological calculation of an individual Talisman. Please specify when ordering.