Monetary abundance and prosperity - Arabic Islamic Talisman Taweez Amulet for money attraction

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This Talisman will be made and consecrated individually for every customer, due to which it has the following useful properties:

  • Projects a zone where certain rules and laws, according to which you should have any financial problems, lose their relevance. The result is the necessary free space, which is filled with the energy of abundance, wealth and prosperity. Being in such a zone, you get a powerful recharge with this energy, which begins to work to normalize and significantly improve your financial situation.
  • Corrects the distortions of the energy sector of the financial sector, eliminates money sinks and overtightening. Promotes finding a successful job or starting your own business.
  • This Talisman is a fully handmade work of art.
  • Used materials: natural saffron, saffron ink, golden ink, golden color, special parchment, incense oils (rose, musk, saffron and more)
  • 21 x 30 cm (8.3 x 11.8 in.) inside special frame with glass included to your order + special linen bag!
  • I will need to know your Name, date and place of birth for the planetary-astrological calculation of an individual Talisman. Please specify when ordering.