Developing clairvoyance and psychic extrasensory - Arabic Talisman Taweez Amulet

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  • Opens your consciousness, gives a sharp mind, You will be extremely difficult to deceive or take by surprise in any situation. Promotes the activation of the most important chakras and energy flows, which achieves the effect of developing clairvoyance and health promotion.
  • This Talisman is "the key" to clairvoyance for those who still not observed in itself this uncanny Ability. Ability to clairvoyance have all without exception - this Talisman will open Your natural ability to, which can be use rightly.
  • This Talisman is a fully handmade work of art.
  • Used materials: natural saffron, saffron ink, golden ink, golden color, special parchment, incense oils (rose, musk, saffron and more)
  • 21 x 30 cm (8.3 x 11.8 in.) inside special frame with glass included to your order + special linen bag!
  • I will need to know your Name, date and place of birth for the planetary-astrological calculation of an individual Talisman. Please specify when ordering.