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Decoration Wallpaper New Year Door Sticker, Merry Christmas Green Plants Wall Stickers Christmas Living Room Background

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  • The green color scheme adds to the festive atmosphere, creating a visually appealing and cohesive look that aligns with traditional Christmas colors.
  • Tailored to fit door dimensions, ensuring a seamless and cohesive appearance that complements the unique features of your doors.
  • Designed for quick and easy application, the door sticker simplifies the decorating process, allowing you to achieve a festive look effortlessly.
  • Serves as a stylish and festive living room background, enhancing the overall ambiance for holiday gatherings and celebrations.
  • Incorporates green plants wall stickers, introducing a natural and organic aesthetic to your Christmas decor.
  • Features a prominent "Merry Christmas" greeting, adding a warm and celebratory element to your living space.
  • Specifically designed for doors, the wallpaper serves as a door sticker, creating a welcoming entrance with a touch of holiday cheer.
  • Transform your living room into a festive space with a New Year and Christmas theme, featuring Merry Christmas and green plants designs.
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Introducing our New Year Door Sticker designed for festive home decor, featuring a Merry Christmas Green Plants Wall Stickers theme. Elevate the ambiance of your living room during the holiday season with this delightful decoration.


Deck the halls with our enchanting New Year Door Sticker, a perfect addition to your holiday decorations. This Merry Christmas Green Plants Wall Sticker is designed to transform your living room background into a festive and joyful space, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for family and friends.

1. **Festive New Year Design:**
   - Welcome the New Year with a touch of festive cheer. The door sticker features a Merry Christmas theme adorned with vibrant green plants, setting the perfect tone for celebration.

2. **Door Decoration Focus:**
   - Specifically designed for doors, this sticker becomes the focal point of your home's entrance, creating a merry and inviting atmosphere for everyone who walks through.

3. **Merry Christmas Greeting:**
   - The sticker prominently displays the warm greeting "Merry Christmas," spreading joy and good wishes to all who enter your home.

4. **Green Plants Motif:**
   - Incorporating a green plants motif adds a touch of nature and freshness to your holiday decor, bringing a harmonious and natural element to your living space.

5. **Living Room Background Enhancement:**
   - Extend the festive ambiance beyond the door. This sticker is perfect for enhancing the background of your living room, creating a cohesive and joyful theme throughout the space.

6. **Quick and Easy Application:**
   - The sticker is designed for quick and easy application, allowing you to effortlessly transform your door and living room background without the need for complicated installation.

7. **Quality Material:**
   - Crafted from high-quality material, the sticker is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your holiday decor remains vibrant throughout the season.

8. **Holiday Greenery Aesthetic:**
   - The green plants aesthetic adds a touch of holiday greenery, creating a visually appealing and classic Christmas look that complements various decor styles.

9. **Joyful Color Palette:**
   - The joyful color palette, including vibrant greens and traditional Christmas hues, infuses your living space with the spirit of the season.

10. **Versatile Living Room Decor:**
    - While designed for doors, the sticker seamlessly extends its charm to the living room background, creating a cohesive and festive decor theme throughout your home.

11. **Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere:**
    - Set the stage for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, creating a space where friends and family can gather, celebrate, and share in the holiday joy.

12. **Reusable Design:**
    - The sticker is reusable, allowing you to store it for future celebrations or reposition it as needed, making it a sustainable and cost-effective holiday decor solution.

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Listed on 2 December, 2023