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макап белый диван.psdдрузья.jpg
макап зеленый диван.jpg

Dog Painting Oil Animal Pets Original Art Animal Artwork Canvas Friends

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The author's handmade painting on the wall "Friends" oil canvas 40x30 cm. 

The painting depicts a scene from a calm and serene life in nature. Against the background of an endless blue sky and a green meadow, there is a touching composition of a girl and a dog.

A girl dressed in a light and loose dress is sitting on the grass, hugging her faithful four-legged friend. The dog, snuggled up to his mistress, looks with her at the distant horizon. They both represent a single whole, enjoying each other's company and the harmony of nature.

The color palette of the painting is characterized by calm, soft shades. The blue sky creates a feeling of vastness and freedom, and the green grass symbolizes life and renewal. Together they create an atmosphere of serenity and peace that permeates the whole picture.

This painting is a reminder that true joy and happiness can be found in simple things, such as friendship, love and communication with nature. She encourages us to appreciate every moment of life and find joy in the little things.

The girl and the dog in the picture are not just the mistress and her pet, they are real friends who share moments of joy and sadness, finding solace and support in each other.

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Listed on 9 November, 2023