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Handmade painting on the wall "Cherry" fruit

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  1. The painting depicts two bright cherries on a blue background. Cherries are made in juicy shades of red and orange, which creates a contrast with the cold blue background. The painting is painted using a palette knife, which gives it a special texture and dynamics. In general, the picture conveys the freshness and brightness of a summer day, causing a feeling of joy and enjoyment of life. A picture of cherries can embody various concepts and ideas. For example, two cherries can symbolize a couple, the union of two people, harmony and unity. Cherries can also be a symbol of love, passion and tenderness. In some cultures, cherries are considered a symbol of youth, beauty and longevity. In addition, cherries can represent fertility, harvest and well-being.
    The main idea of the painting with the image of cherries is to convey the beauty and freshness of nature, the joy of life and love. The cherries in the picture symbolize the brightness and saturation of feelings, and also remind that life is fleeting and you need to enjoy every moment.

Interior handmade oil painting on cardboard "Cherry" 26.5 x 26.5 cm with frame and passepartout will look great in the kitchen, living room, dining room. Perfect as a birthday gift, as a surprise to loved ones, family and friends.

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Listed on 24 October, 2023