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Sinister Tarot by Wilhelm Kotarbinski

byNekro Kollektor
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  • 42 Cards, size: 73 x 109 mm
  • Cartoon: Casino Classic (Germany) 300 gsm
  • UV varnish (coating)
  • Box + А5 brochure in English & Russian
  • Limited Edition 333 copies
  • 18+ recommended
Item description from the seller
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Sinister Tarot by Wilhelm Kotarbinski

First Edition

“Tarot by Wilhelm Kotarbinski (1848-1921) is based on the Sinister Tarot by Christos Beest and compiled by Ersath from the works of the aforementioned Artist of Noble birth. Russian Emperium Nexion and Dark Media Hub “Mulberry Colour” have prepared a deck of cards for the First Edition, with the participation of P. M. τ Michel H.A. and dedicated to Lady Mistress Mireille.

The most discerning individuals can make the assumption that the works of Mr. Kotarbinski are of a very High character, disposed to multifaceted interpretations and application in ritual and ceremonial theory and practice. These correspondences are proposed to be found directly to the Adepts of the Black Royal Order…”

Print in St Petersburg, Russia / 2021

Warning: Included 21 (!) Atu + 1 (bonus), 16 Court Cards, 4 Aces, Minoris are not created.

Nekro Kollektor (ex Mulberry Colour)

All rights reserved

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