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Temple of Satan (Occult Book)

byNekro Kollektor
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  • A5, hardcover
  • limited edition (117 copies)
  • certificate of authenticity
  • Language: English
  • 18 recommended
  • Packed in cellophane by the Printing House
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While The Temple Of Satan does (like Falcifer) deal with the Dark Gods, it main theme is emotion on the personal level, particularly 'love' (of the infatuation and sexual kind) and how a Satanic Initiate of some experience encounters and deals with them. Emotion ('love') of the type encountered is a stage, to be experienced and transcended. For a Satanist not yet achieved Adeptship, this feeling/emotion is often a snare, a trap which they can fall into, thus ending their sinister quest.

Thus the work considers feelings and desires which are often still unconscious, and about making these more conscious, controlling them and transcending them. Third sphere on Tree of Wyrd. Magickal form: Ecstasy. Tarot Images: 6,14,17. Alchemical (symbiotic) process: Coagulation

From an artistic point of view, this is a mystical novel with elements of horror. 18+

The English-style Magick quest

Language: English

Nekro Kollektor (ex Mulberry Colour)

All rights reserved

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