Strawberry Clipart | Fruit Illustrations Bundle

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Picnic with strawberries. A jar of strawberry jam tied with a checkered wrapper. Sweet dessert made from fresh ripe strawberries. Picnic dessert food set. Waffl
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Women's legs in green-pink strawberry sandals. Sandwich with peanut butter, jam and strawberries. Strawberry necklace. Women's earrings in the shape of strawber
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Pink and red bows. Checkered pink bow. Women's retro dress with strawberry print. Strawberry milkshake in a female hand. Juicy bright strawberries. Sandwich wit
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Waffle cone with strawberries. Bright pink and green bows. Two tea cups with strawberries. Glass jar of strawberry jam. Red women's retro dress with strawberry
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Wicker basket full of strawberries. Green checkered bow. Pink sandal decorated with strawberries. Pink sock with strawberry print. Strawberry bush with herbs an
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    • 52 separate hi-res PNG files (300 dpi)
    • Transparent backgrounds
    • Compatible with:

    Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, Photoshop Elements, After Effects, InDesign, XD
    Affinity: Designer, Photo Sketch

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