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Flappy Peek A Boo Elephant Toy

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About this item
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  • Material: PP cotton + plush
  • Interactive playing & singing elephant toy
  • 2 buttons: one sing, one play
  • It flaps its ears when turned on
  • Soft to touch
  • Works on 3 AA batteries (not included)
Item description from the seller
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Does your child wail deafeningly while you are away from him, scratching oil off the dishes?

Does he slap at your face annoyingly while you are talking to your friend on the phone?

Does your small girl always want you by her side while playing with her toys?

What if your little boy remains calm while you do your dishes? What if he is enjoyably immersed in playing with his toy while you chat with your friend? What if your daughter plays with her toys herself without nudging you?

You would be a happy parent if that happens, right?

Get this singing and playing peek a boo elephant toy and become one.

It sings the happy “do your ears hang low...” song when your kid presses one of its legs and plays ‘peek a boo’ when he touches the other one. Fun, entertainment and cognitive development come hand in hand with this playfully interactive toy.

What you’ll get:

  • 2 button operation: The flappy singing elephant toy has two modes. Pressing the “sing” foot will make it sing the “do your ears hang low…” song. Pressing the “play” button initiates the interactive ‘peek a boo’ game in which the elephant covers its eyes with its ears to give your kid time to hide. After some time, it expands its ears and says “peek a boo, I found you.” Pressing the leg once initiates the mode and pressing it again stops it.

  • Fun interactive toy: Playing with this toy is non-stop fun. It will not let your kid get bored. You can teach your toddlers the two feet operation and they can play with it even without your supervision. You can carry out your household chores in that free time.

  • Soft stuffed toy: This ‘do your ears hang low’ elephant is made of soft and skin-friendly plush cotton that is extremely soft and velvety to touch. Toddlers would love to cuddle and hug it. The fluffy legs and the big, flappy ears will instantly relax your wailing kid.

  •  Improves your baby’s skills: Playing with this elephant toy enhances the cognitive abilities of your kids and improves their visual and auditory senses.