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Handmade custom leather hat from Destiny 2 (TM-Earp Cloaked Stetson Legendary Hunter Dungeon Cowboy hat) cosplay&wear

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To make a hat, we need your measurements: measure your head with a flexible sewing tape and tell us measurements 1 and 2 (see the picture in the listing). If you gonna wear hat with a wig or bandanda, please, measure 1 and 2 with it on your head too.
This item is made to order. Please allow 30 - 32 days for processing.
About this item
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  • Handmade & handsewn crown & sweatband hat, version for everyday wear with lining available
  • Genuine leather 1.2-1.4 mm, fully hand-dyed
  • Bespoke (we'll make it according to your individual measurements)
  • Free shipping (with tracker) via BxB, Expedited shipping option via EMS.
  • We're home family workshop, we don't smoking and we're pet-free, so all of our products are free from foreign odors or traces of fur.
  • Collectible & fully wearable hat
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Item description from the seller
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Once we were approached with an interesting order - to make a hat from the game so that it could be worn in everyday life.
The computer model is very unusual: a metal plate (a stylized cow skull), a molded dome, a folded top seam, asymmetrical brims, original ventilation ducts, embossing, texture, races of damage. In addition, the customer chose a deluxe version with a lining and a soft leather strip inside for comfort (we have already made such linings and wearing adaptations, but never before from the Destiny), as well as a decorative element made of titanium.
Of course, we couldn't pass up such an order for the Portfolio, so we began studying the model in Destiny 2 with great enthusiasm! 

In the game, the character wears this set over his armor, and the hat fits over his helmet, so its dimensions are different than if it were worn on his head.
Having asked the customer additionally for the width of the shoulders, and having clarified his wishes for the appearance of the hat, I was able (not immediately, of course) to adjust the length of the brim and the height of the dome and bring their proportions to a “single denominator”. The process of working with patterns can be viewed in the corresponding album. But patterns were needed not only for the hat itself.
For the hat we used natural vegetable tanned leather 2-2.2 mm, the seams attaching the dome to the brim and then the lining to the hat itself were made by hand.

In this hat we molded everything: the brim (to the oval of the head, taking into account the lining, embossing, cut out corners on the back of the head), the dome (the lower part to the brim, the main part for the general profile and the upper part at the seam for “filling”), the bottom (the edges for stitching + own ribbed surface shape). Each process, in fact, is a procedure of soaking, molding and subsequent drying, for some parts more than once, which greatly extends the time of work on such a hat. The fields, for example, had to be molded to size and embossed, secured to a plywood base and lined with paper so that it would dry more evenly and not sag.

The lining is made of blue poly viscose, the leather strip (sweatband) is cut from soft leather and covered with thin sheepskin. To accurately adjust the size, the sweatband strip is sewn with a reverse seam, and all edges of the wrapping leather are additionally sanded so that there is no excess thickness. The lining is evenly distributed and point-fixed along the upper perimeter with glue and adhesive interlining to the bottom.

Since the hat is for everyday wear, the seam of the dome and the place where the lining is attached are duplicated with thin pig suede, since it adheres well to the inner part, and has a minimum thickness, after which these places were waxed too.

We'll make it individually depending on your size, don't hesitate to ask us :)
Feel free to ask, if you have any questions before you order :)

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Listed on 12 January, 2024