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READY TO SHIP - Transformer Leather hat and cape (gorget) inspired by Bloodborne / LARP / cosplay / handmade / tricorne

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This item is handmade. Please allow 2 - 4 days for processing.
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  • This product is ready to ship it right after your purchase. One of a kind. Handmade
  • This hat and cape can be worn in a variety of ways.
  • Hat size 58.5 cm (23). Genuine leather. Aging/Weathering/Artificial blood spots
  • We're home family workshop, we don't smoking and we're pet-free, so all of our products are free from foreign odors or traces of fur.
  • Free shipping (with tracker) via BxB, Expedited shipping option via EMS.
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Item description from the seller
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This product is ready to ship it right after your purchase.

One of a kind.
You can buy it, if you like it )

Leather hat and cape(gorget) inspired by Bloodborne.
Hat size 58.5 cm (23").

Cape for shoulder width 46-48 cm (18-18.8").

Collar front height 12 cm (4.7").

You can buy cape separetely, if needed, for 255 $, message us for it.

The hat is sewn based on the hats of hunters, but has more extensive functionality due to the features of the fastening of the brim.
They can be laced up and unlaced, so this hat can be worn in a variety of ways.
To get a pirate tricorn hat, you need to unlace the brim and put on the hat back to front.

The cape consists of two laced halves, so it can also be given a different shape: lace up tightly to the top or put off the top like a collar, make a "cut" in the back or leave it open in front...It all depends on your suit.

The set is made of genuine leather, the brim of the hat is waxed. The hat has a lining.
In addition, we made the entire set lightly weathered so that it can go with any costume.

If you want to order such a set in other sizes or from another leather - write to us)

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Listed on 26 July, 2022