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Handmade Leather Journal Ithildin (inspired Moria, LOTR) 6 x 8 inches / hand painting / handmade embroidery on velvet

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This item is made to order. Please allow 40 - 42 days for processing.
About this item
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  • Size 6 x 8 inches, on the rings
  • Since we make all our products ourselves, the product description indicates approximate processing time.
  • Free shipping (with a tracker) via BxB, Expedited shipping option via EMS.
  • We're home family workshop, we don't smoking and we're pet-free, so all of our products are free from foreign odors or traces of fur.
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Item description from the seller
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The product was sold, and these pictures are exhibited as an example of our work.
Please keep in mind that we need some time for making.

This leather journal we made in 2013. While we are very interested in the idea of embossing inscriptions on the gates of Moria ... we really wanted to do something using ithildin. And in the summer we found a man who wanted to make a special gift for a loved one.
We are pleased to take up this order, because it was exactly what we wanted to do! But in the process of discussing the details of the design that he would like to see, we have fitted bookends velvet and embroidered them with metallic thread.
Previously, we have never used velvet when we made bookends ...And we became very interested in trying out what would happen! :)
In the process we have tried various techniques of embroidery on velvet and securing it on the flyleaf.
And in the end we and the customer were very pleased with the work done !!!
We hope you like it too! :)

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Listed on 24 January, 2024