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Aragorn leather vest replica / Strider's Jerkin / custom size / cosplay / tabard / LOTR / LARP costume / medieval

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This item is made to order. Please allow 35 - 37 days for processing.
About this item
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  • This replica of Aragorn tabard we stitched from genuine goat leather, all edges are aged to get it worn look.
  • Handbraided leathre cords (5 pairs). Sleeveless, ties in front, laced at the sides. Stitched in back to waist.
  • We'll make this vest according to your measurements, you'll need to fullfill our questionaire, using our measurements guide.
  • Free shipping (with tracker) via BxB, Expedited shipping option via EMS.
  • If you have an urgent order or deadline, please contact us before purchasing for details and timing.
  • We're home family workshop, we don't smoking and we're pet-free, so all of our products are free from foreign odors or traces of fur.
  • It is the most screen accurate replica of Aragorn vest/jerkin you can only find, watch photos to see our quality and feel free to ask us for details,
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Item description from the seller
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Aragorn's sleeveless jerkin is worn in LOTR under his duster.
This replica of his tabard we stitched from genuine goat leather.
The outer part of the vest looks like suede, while inside it is smooth. We gave it a more worn look with weathering and sanding.

Sleeveless, ties in front, laced at the sides. Stitched in back to waist.
All edges except bottom are edged in leather strips.
Bottom edge is irregular. The back is about 3" longer than the front.

Almost all of our leather goods we make to order, so when ordering we'll sew it individually for you.
We'll make it as similar as possible to that shown on the photos, but there may be some minimal changes related to your sizes and the specifics of the material - some pieces of leather may slightly differ one from another in color.

We'll make this vest according to your measurements.
Before making it, we'll send you our measurements guide and our questionnaire you'll need to fill. 

Please keep in mind that we need some time to make your order.
Don't hesitate to contact us for any other information you need before ordering :)

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Listed on 28 September, 2022