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Montessori MINI quiet book for toddlers, felt busy toy for a child

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About this item
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  • Fine motor skills development
  • Development of logic and creativity
  • Memory development
Item description from the seller
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Quiet book MINI was created for fine motor skills development. It’s the best for 6 month – 2 years baby. It contains a set of tactile exercises that allow you to safely develop your child's fine motor skills (according to research, is very valuable for the development of the child at this particular period).

Our felt Montessori book is indispensable for walking with a child - it has a holder for a baby stroller (it also can be used in a car seat). This felt book is compact and small – so it helps your child comfortably hold this book in hands during developmental activities.

The size of the quiet book MINI is 10*10 cm (3.94'' * 3.94'').

Our MINI book consists of 10 developing pages. These pages contain such tactile elements as: Velcro, beads, elastic band, buttons, finger labyrinth, safety mirror, ribbons.

All removable parts in this MINI busy book are securely attached to the book with rubber bands, which allows you not to lose anything, making this toy as comfortable and safe as it possible.

Machine washable is possible.

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