TUTORIAL Miniature cherry cheesecake with polymer clay | Miniature food | Dollhouse miniatures | Instant download

byRina Vellichor
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In this video tutorial, I will show you step by step how to make a miniature cherry cheesecake with polymer clay for a dollhouse in 1/12 scale. I'll show you the laziest and easiest way to make a polymer clay cheesecake. I will show you the clay colors that I use to create the cherries. And most importantly, I will tell you the secret of what dye I add to make the jam perfectly bright, juicy and transparent.

🍒 1 PDF file with description of materials and text in English
🍒 2 JPG files duplicating information from PDF in case this format doesn't work for you.
🍒 A link to a video tutorial with a duration of 7:04 minutes (En sub).


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