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EMF Protection Scalar Pendant

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About this item
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  • Material: volcanic stone
  • Protects from EMF radiations
  • Instills positive energy in you
  • Improves focus, sleep
  • Boosts immunity, blood circulation
  • Wear as a necklace or bracelet
  • Pendant size: 4.2 cm approx.
Item description from the seller
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Electronic gadgets have made our life easier and quicker but it turns out that our cellphones, laptops, cookers and ovens emit invisible packets of energy that may be harmful to us – the EMF rays.

Though many studies have established a connection between these EMF radiations and the development of cancer and leukemia. But there is no strong evidence supporting it.

Nevertheless, caution is better than cure. You are in luck because you can practice caution without investing a lot. How?

By donning this EMF Protection Energy Pendant in your neck or arm. Made of volcanic stone, it protects your body against the harmful effects of these rays and increases its natural defense capability.

On top of that, it looks appealing on your body. Sweet deal? So say yes to fashionable EMF protection now.

What you’ll get:

  • Enhances the natural defense ability: The EMF lava stone pendant increases positive energy, calms your mind and strengthens the natural defense mechanism of your body against the EMF radiations.

  • Protection from electronic radiations: Electronic radiations from your mobile phones, smartwatches, laptops can do more harm to your body and health than good. This pendant protects the body’s biofield from these radiations and keeps you composed. It helps to improve your sleep and focus which ultimately enhances your productivity.

  • Feel protected: Feeling protected and purified is one of the best feelings. This scalar pendant provides you that. It eliminates negative thoughts, improves blood circulation, boosts the immune system, relieves aches and alleviates the soreness of the body. Made of volcanic stone that contains tourmaline, magnesium, sodium and iron, it provides you with positive vibes which help you live a healthy, happy life.