Seaside Oil Painting Seascape Original Art Ocean Wall Art Wave Canvas 16x16 inches

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  • Seascape Artwork
    Colorful textured painting will be a great addition to your collection of texture painting. Texture and strokes can be seen in close-up photos.

    Materials: stretched canvas
    professional oil paints, palette knife, brush.

    Original seascape painting - painted on stretched canvas. Ready to hand on the wall. Gallery wrapped, no need a decorative frame. On the front side of the textured wall art - the author's signature.

    Canvas and oil paints of high quality, so my painting will serve you for many years.

    Please note that the colors in the picture may vary depending on your monitor settings.

    This work is a unique bright colorful picture. I make really bright colors. 
    My favorite stories are seascapes, birds, flowers and nature. 

    My oil painting on canvas, using mainly beautiful details and rich colors. I use only professional oil paints.

    Shipment: Packed in bubble wrap for protection.

    Shipped with tracking