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Pine Nut Kernel In Dandelion Syrup, 220gr.

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Ingredients:pine nut kernel, sugar, dandelion decoction, lemon juice
Nutritional value per 100 gr: Protein - 2,4 g, fat - 12,7 g, Carbohydrates - 59
Energy value of the product: 356 kcal
Recommended temperature of storage: +2 ... +25
Advantages: Without preservatives

Item description from the seller
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Dandelion inflorescences for our desserts are still collected in the sunny glades of Siberia. That is why they have a complex of useful properties, including the excellent treatment of liver problems. And thanks to their summer color, they will bring a great mood even on the rarest days.
We use the selected core of the strongest cedars of Pinus Sibirica from the forests of the Tomsk region. Cedar nuts are known to contain almost a full range of microelements necessary for a man, as well as protein and vitamins B and E. 

Due to the peculiarities of the syrup and the cooking process the nuts become more palatable, juicier and more useful. And the combination of berry syrup, pine nuts and natural lemon juice can charge every city dweller with energy, vivacity and strength of nature.

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