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Lens JUPITER-21M f4/200
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JUPITER-21M telephoto lens
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Lens JUPITER-21M f4/200
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JUPITER-21M telephoto lens

JUPITER-21M f4/200 telephoto lens for M42 Zenit. New! Made in USSR

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Jupiter 21M 200/4 Russia lens M42 for Zenit 
Made in USSR 
Serial number 85018203
NEW! excellent condition, free of scratches and dust.
In original box
Lens are adjusted for correct work with cameras M42 screw mount. 
With the appropriate adapter, it can be installed and work with many SLR, DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
Focal Length: 199.78 mm
Relative aperture of 1: 4
Field of view: 12 °
Frame size: 24x36 mm
Front vertex focal length: -247.89 mm
Back vertex focal length: 93.68 mm
The distance from the first to the last surface: 89.15 mm
Working distance: 45.5 mm
Number of lenses / groups: 4/3
Limits the aperture scale: 1: 4--1: 22
The effective diameter of the first surface: Ø50,0 mm
Light diameter of the last surface: Ø26,0 mm
Connections: the lens with the camera: M42x1 or M39x1
For screwed nozzles: SpM58x0,75
To Wear tips: Ø65 mm
Location mounts filters: front
The resolution of the TU (center / edge): 50/36 lines / mm
Transmittance: 0.82
Overall dimensions:
The length of the lens caps: 165 mm
The largest diameter of the rim: Ø78 mm
Weight: 980 g
Dear customers, due to the virus and the geopolitical situation, some flights in Europe are temporarily suspended. Some parcels are delivered by land and by sea. Therefore, the order processing time has been increased. Delivery time to USA/Canada and Europe can be from 20 to 90 days. If you don't want to wait, don't buy. 
Attention, I do not ship to the following countries:
Poland, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.
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Listed on 10 February, 2023