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KIEV-88 TTL medium camera
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MC VOLNA-3 lens
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MC VOLNA-3 lens, f2.8/80 mm
KIEV-88 TTL medium camera
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NEW! KIEV-88 TTL medium camera full set. MC VOLNA-3 lens, f2.8/80 mm. Full set!

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The set includes a camera Kiev-88, a bag, two cassettes, Volna MC 2.8 / 80mm lens, lens hood, two color filters, trigger cable, documents - passport.
The camera is a copy of Hasselblad.
From dry, home storage - open box - new, full set, with all docs. 
Attention, I checked that the shutter works - it clicks, all shutter speed works, except the 1/2 shutter speed does not close. Sold as is.
Serial number camera: 8205553
Lens Volna MC 2.8 / 80mm
Bayonet B. on Kiev 88, Salute, Hasselblad
The lens glass is in perfect condition. Focusing and aperture work fine. No fungus, no oil.
Serial number lens: 826170
serial number prism: 821588
serial number cassettes: 8227870, 8227963
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Poland, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.

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Listed on 10 February, 2023