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Wide angle lens MIR 20-M
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Mir 20m aperture scale
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Lens mir 20-m ussr
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Lens MIR 20M
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USSR lens MIR-20m
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Lens case Mir 20m
Wide angle lens MIR 20-M
Mir 20m aperture scale
Lens mir 20-m ussr
Lens MIR 20M

Rare MIR 20M 20-M 20mm f/3.5 Wide angle lens M42 mount. excellent condition! Made in USSR

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Rare MIR 20-M 20mm f/3.5 Wide angle lens M42 mount. (MIR 20M)  excellent condition
Mir-20 was created on the basis of the Flektogon 2.8 / 20 lens (Carl Zeiss Jena).
The condition is shown in the photos, all photos are taken by myself.
No scratch back and  front lens.
Fungus-free, haze-free glasses, aperture and focus ring work great.
Mechanics without backlash and jamming, easy focusing.
The diaphragm is working, the petals are clean, without traces of oil.
Serial number: 850824
Made in USSR.
Focal length: 20 mm
Field of view: 96°
Frame size: 24×36 mm
Number of lenses/groups: 9/8
Working distance: 45.5 mm
Relative aperture: 1:3.5
Aperture range: 3.5-16
Number of aperture blades - 6
Aperture adjustment - fixed values
Focusing range:0.18m-"infinity"

Lens to camera - m42 (Zenit)  thread
Mount location for filters: rear

Specification resolution (center/edge): 50/20 lines/mm
Weight - 470 grams
International standard shipping with track number usually takes from 2 weeks to 2 months
Attention, I do not ship to the following countries:
Poland, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.
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Listed on 26 December, 2022